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Are there any plans for a Linux version ?

Not at the moment, but I'm not discarding the possibility. 

Thanks for the response. I'm happy you're open to the idea even if there are no concrete plans. If you do end up making a Linux version down the road count me in for a purchase.

That seems to contradict your Kickstarter project description?

Te dejo acá el par de videos que hice cuando el juego aún ni había salido. ¡Gracias por dejar que lo pruebe!


Gracias Ivan a vos por hacer los videos! 

Made a video


Hey thanks! I'm gonna check it out :) 

Hope you enjoy the video and hope your demo becomes a full game one day.


I did! It made me laugh a lot. Keep up your good work as well :) 

Easy to pick up gameplay, intriguing story, I'm really liking it. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much Cryptic Hybrid, and thank you for the video as well! Keep up your awesome channel! I had a lot of fun watching it.

Hey. Glad you like it. :) And thanks for the encouragement, I try building up the channel every day. :) 


Well, that was definitely intriguing. Looking forward to the entire game. (I think I kind of see where the plot is going, but will be happy to be surprised.) The puzzles so far were easy and engaging, but I hope there'll be a walkthrough, because I'm a complete idiot when it comes to video games.

Will there be a language deciphering puzzle? Pretty please?

(I've noticed that when your characters laugh in the English version, it's spelled "Jajajaja" - the Spanish way. Just pointing out.)


Hey thanks a lot friend! Maybe there will, maybe not! (I would love to include one, but i've gotta see if my limited schedule lets me c:) 
Really? I've must missed that, do you remember which part is it? I must correct ir right awayyyy

When Dysis meets the red-haired boy for the first time she says "AJEM" at one point. 

(Couldn't make a screenshot at the right moment)

Got it. Thanks Crazypreacher! 

Hello hello! I haven't downloaded or played the game yet, but I was just going to ask if there will be a version for Mac as well in the final release. The game looks super cool and I would totally get it if only I had a Windows computer ;v;

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Hi friend! Of course there will be a Mac version, this week I'll be working on that so maybe next weekend we're gonna already have a Mac version. I'll message you when it's ready. Thanks for your interest :) 

Yay, that's great! :D Thanks so much.


Hola, soy alexis, el de facebook.
Quede maravillado del juego y quería saber si puedo hacer un video de él.
No soy conocido ni nada, pero siempre publico mis videos en una página propia que tiene 19mil  me gusta, el proyecto a simple vista llama la atención, puede a alguien de allí le interese.

Hola Alexis! Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado, por supuesto que puedes hacer un video, sería un honor para mí! Si necesitas algún tipo de información o cualquier cosa para el video no dudes en contactarme. Un abrazo. 

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This was absolutely amazing. I wrote a full review at 

Hi Steven! I'm really glad you liked it! It makes me really happy that you want to write a review about it, it will help me a lot to get the game known. Please let me know when it's done, thanks a lot! 

The review has been published!